Fire Emergency Action Plans

Emergency fire action plan.

In any establishment it is vital that the clear and detailed plans of the actions to be taken in a fire emergency are produced and clearly communicated to staff and other building users.

The demands of healthcare premises and the nature of many of their occupants place the utmost importance upon the detailed planning, communication, coordination and understanding of the fire emergency action plan.

It is often the case that generic fire emergency action plans are of insufficient detail to provide an effective response to a potentially life-threatening fire incident.

Fire emergency action plans should be both specific to the areas that they cover, the nature of relevant occupants and the specific actions to be taken in order to ensure their safety.

Healthfire's approach will ensure that staff and other building users are provided with unambiguous instruction as to the actions to be taken in the event of a fire emergency.

Where appropriate Healthfire can develop interactive media presentations allowing staff that are unfamiliar with the department, such as Bank and Agency staff, to quickly assimilate the fire emergency action plan ensuring their maximum effectiveness should a fire occur.

Utilising a collaborative approach ensures that the resulting fire emergency action plans not only reflect the area and occupants that they relate to, but also reflect the staff and physical resources that will be available at any time that a fire emergency may occur.