Fire Engineering

Fire Enginnering CFD Image

At times providing a modern, "less-institutionalised", healthcare environment that complies with the relevant prescriptive guidance can be challenging and a more flexible approach is required.

To ensure that the level of fire safety appropriate for patients is maintained a complex set of factors must be considered.

The use of fire engineering techniques applied to the fire safety challenges of modern healthcare premises can deliver appropriate alternative fire safety solutions that can be demonstrated to provide an equivalent or superior level of fire safety to that of prescriptive guidance.

Modern hospital design requires that the normally applied prescriptive fire safety standards utilised in more traditional building designs can become restrictive in their application.

A fire engineered concept delivers the opportunity to move away from the prescriptive fire safety constraints and use an approach that enables engineered solutions to be applied specifically to new and existing buildings.

With less restrictive measures, Healthfire can provide a flexible forward thinking approach to help you achieve cost effective, innovative and practical solutions.

Computer modelling plays an important role in demonstrating fire engineered solutions, as it provides models of human behaviour, smoke ventilation and building reaction to increased temperatures.

Using engineering calculation methods and computational modelling, Healthfire's capabilities include a full range of fire engineering services.

Healthfire's principal consultant is a Chartered Fire Engineer with degrees in fire engineering and over 25 years experience in fire safety, both in the public and private sectors.

Links to leading fire research centres ensure that our knowledge base is always updated to reflect the latest legislation changes and improvements to industry standards and practices.