Fire Safety Audit

Fire safety audit and fire safety management review.

Effective fire safety management requires periodic audit to provide an assurance that the fire safety policy is being implemented and the fire safety and emergency preparedness measures taken are appropriate.

An appropriate system of audit should ideally be independent of the fire safety management arrangements to ensure that the outcome is not influenced by operational issues.

The fire safety audit detailed in Firecode guidance is intended to provide the board with sufficient assurance that fire safety matters are being dealt with appropriately and that the fire safety policy is being implemented.

Healthfire has extensive experience in undertaking independent fire safety audits and providing assurances that fire safety issues are appropriately managed and, where applicable, an analysis of areas that require attention.

Fire Safety Management Review

Fire safety management review examines all aspects of the fire safety management within an organisation.

The intention of such a review is to provide assurance that the fire safety management structure, fire safety policy, fire safety procedures and their interaction with other disciplines is fit for purpose.

Unlike a fire safety audit, the fire safety management review extends beyond the scope of the fire safety policy and includes a review of activities that may be beyond the direct influence of the fire safety management team whilst potentially detracting from the robust fire safety management regime.

Such an approach not only provides the Board with an assurance that a fire safety can be appropriately managed by the resources set in place within the organisation, but also highlights any areas in which latent defects have developed which could be interpreted as systemic managerial failure.

Healthfire has considerable experience in reviewing fire safety management provisions and where appropriate includes operational risk management and corporate governance consultants.

Our combined approach utilising consultants at the leading edge of their field provides a high degree of confidence to the Board that the fire safety management provisions are appropriate, robust and capable of delivering a suitable level of fire safety.