Fire Safety Policy

Fire policy, management structure and fire safety procedures

A clear and concise fire safety policy is a pre-requisite for effective fire safety management.

Its main purpose is to set out the organisation's fire safety objectives and provide a clear mandate from the Board to relevant staff to implement appropriate fire safety and emergency measures.

Many organisations produce fire safety policy documents that are so unwieldy that they are rarely read let alone understood.

It is common to find fire safety policy documents that have not been ratified by the Board despite being in draft form for many years. Such approaches highlight a lack of clear direction in fire safety management which has the potential of developing latent risk.

An inappropriate fire safety policy undermines corporate governance and the responsibility of the Board to govern whilst inadvertently diluting the responsibility of managers to manage fire safety issues.

Capitalising upon the extensive policy experience of its principal consultant, Healthfire is uniquely placed to ensure that your fire safety policy serves its objectives, meets the mandatory requirements of the Department of Health fire safety policy whilst being both comprehensive and functional.

Fire Safety Protocols

The fire safety policy sets out the organisations fire safety objectives and provides a clear mandate to relevant staff to implement appropriate fire safety and emergency procedures.

The fire safety protocols set in place the fire safety management structure, detailing roles and responsibilities, and detailed procedural instructions that are required to ensure the effective implementation of the fire safety policy.

Appropriate fire safety protocols will ensure that responsibility for fire safety issues rests with those best placed to be able to deliver an effective outcome.

In many organisations, fire safety procedures are confused with fire safety policy resulting in a lack of clarity in respect of the appropriate fire safety measures that are to be taken.

Healthfire has extensive experience in working with organisations to develop a clear and concise management structure capable of delivering effective fire safety management and risk reduction.

Healthfire's approach delivers a clear hierarchy for fire safety and emergency response procedures ensuring that the organisation is capable of managing its fire risks and providing an appropriate and effective response to a fire incident should it occur.

Capitalising upon the extensive experience of its principal consultant, Healthfire can assist in the production of clear and concise fire safety protocols ensuring that all relevant staff are given effective guidance in fire safety and control of relevant risks, and ensuring a robust framework of fire safety governance linked directly to policy objectives.