Technical Advisor Role & Compliance Audit

New healthcare developments and fire safety compliance review.

Getting sound technical advice is of major importance when considering investment in healthcare facilities.

The wrong fire safety advice can be disastrous or extremely costly to put right.

Healthfire's unsurpassed experience in hospital and healthcare fire safety together with proven fire engineering capabilities results in fire safety advice you can trust.

From the initial project concept to project completion, Healthfire can provide invaluable technical advice and support to the project team commissioning the provision of healthcare facilities to ensure that the proposed fire safety solutions deliver against the objectives of Firecode without presenting an undue burden to those that will operate and manage the facilities upon completion.

At times the adequacy of proposed or completed fire precautions is called into question.

In some circumstances premises can be considered unfit for their intended purpose.

Healthfire's extensive experience in assessing compliance with Firecode and its objectives is backed by our principal consultant's experience in undertaking compliance reviews of hospital and healthcare buildings being designed and provided under the PFI and ProCure21 initiatives of the Department of Health.

A fire safety compliance review undertaken by Healthfire provides assurance as to the level of compliance with Firecode and its objectives together with a detailed understanding of fire safety and emergency management activity required to support the fire safety design.