Technical Authorship

Firecode HTM05-03 Parts B, E and H that were written by Healthfire

With expertise in the field of hospital and healthcare fire safety Healthfire is often called upon to write or update specialist healthcare fire safety guidance.

The Department of Health provides specialist fire safety guidance through their Health Technical Memoranda that form the Firecode suite of documents.

Healthfire has continued to develop Firecode utilising the technical authorship experience of its principal consultant gained whilst at the Department of Health, and has contributed a number of Health Technical Memoranda under contract.

Our unique healthcare experience, fire safety expertise and fire engineering capabilities combine with links to leading fire research centres to ensure that guidance and other technical documents are comprehensive, concise and readily understood.

With Healthfire's background in writing Firecode guidance and other technical documentation, we can provide a technical authorship service for any type of fire safety document whether it be fire strategies, fire safety manuals or operational procedures.

Our no-nonsense approach, removing unnecessary technical jargon and explaining complex subjects in everyday language delivers effective guidance, manuals and other technical documents that are both useable and easily understood by the intended audience.

Why choose the people that read the book when you can use the people that wrote the book?