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The Story

Thought you might be interested in this brilliant new fire stopping material called Porofilla. It's a new compound that has massive potential for saving the hassle of fire stopping around services and other penetrations.

The material is phosphorous based and unlike intumescent fire stopping doesn't rely upon heat for activation. The compound reacts to free radicals and combustion pre-cursors. As a result it activates much more quickly that current intumescent fillers and sealants.

Upon activation, the material rapidly expands to form a complete seal with an expansion ratio at atmospheric pressure of approximately 1000:1. The rate of linear expansion upon activation is a staggering 0.5m/s. The compound has been age tested for 50 years.

The unique properties of Porofilla means that it will seal penetrations in all types fire resisting construction and form a tight seal around services to provide 4 hours fire resistance.

Due to its unique activation properties, large expansion ratio and fast expansion rate, Porofilla doesn't need to be applied as a seal to penetrations. Instead, Porofilla is supplied in a small capsule measuring just 20mm x 10mm x 10mm which is secured with adhesive in the depth of the penetration. Upon activation it expands to form a complete seal for an opening of up to 500mm diameter. This means that the penetrations for services can be oversized to allow for future additions such as for additional IT cabling and the Porofilla compound will seal the penetration upon activation.

Maintaining compartmentation becomes a doddle, just affix a Porofilla capsule to any hole in a fire wall to ensure that the breach is sealed when a fire occurs.

For more details, and to watch the video of Porofilla in action follow this link to the Porofilla page on the Healthfire website.