Fire Strategy

Fire compartmentation drawing & fire strategy report

Getting the fire strategy right is particularly important in healthcare premises.

Healthfire is uniquely placed with a detailed understanding of healthcare operational issues to ensure that the fire strategy not only complies with the appropriate legislation and guidance but also provides a safe patient environment that can be managed by healthcare providers without imposing undue burden and disruption to the services being provided.

Healthfire uses fire engineering techniques, wherever they would benefit, to provide flexibility and value engineering in the design approach.

From the initial project concept design Healthfire can provide invaluable, timely advice to overcome fire safety challenges and eliminate costly, abortive design activity and/or the need for expensive alternative fire safety measures required as a result of early design decisions.

Providing fire safety options at an early stage can assist the project team to rationalise their design decisions to meet the project objectives without compromising the project ambition or architectural vision.

The detailed fire strategy developed by Healthfire in conjunction with the project team incorporates the appropriate means of escape and evacuation strategy, passive and active fire protection, and necessary provisions for fire fighting.

Healthfire's capabilities include providing CAD drawing mark-up showing fire precautions including fire detection, means of escape, and compartmentation using AutoCAD software for industry compatibility.

Healthfire will take the lead on fire strategy submissions to project clients, building control authorities and discussions with the fire service throughout the project stages to ensure that project stakeholders are fully briefed and in agreement with the fire strategy as it develops.

Such an approach minimises the potential for design objections and reduces project design risk.